Class 10 Science MCQs on Chapter 4 and Chapter 5

Class 10 students who are looking for questions to practise for Science concepts can end their search here. In this article, we have collectively given the multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for Chapter 4 (Carbon And Its Compounds) and Chapter 5 (Periodic Classification Of Elements). Solving these MCQs will help them to understand the type of questions asked in the examinations, and hence, they can score good marks as well.

Our Science subject expert formulated objective-type questions based on the syllabus for the Class 10 academic session 2022-2023. Central board of secondary education have provided this syllabus for Class 10 students on the basis of their intellectual level. Carbon and its compound Class 10 MCQ will provide insight into the chapter so that we can have good revisions before the exam. Solve these questions after you have gone through the chapter so that you can understand more clearly.

What is Carbon and Its Compounds?

Carbon is an element in the periodic table whose atomic number is 4. It is a versatile element that forms the base of almost all living things and a few non-living things that we use in our day-to-day life. Due to its tetravalent property, carbon forms covalent bonds by sharing the electrons between two atoms and hence its outermost shell is completely occupied. The elements that form the covalent bond with carbon are hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine, nitrogen, and sulphur. Ethanol and ethanoic acid are some of the carbon compounds that play a crucial role in our daily life.

Introduction to Periodic Classification Of Elements

In this chapter 5 of Class 10 Science, students will be introduced to the periodic classification of a range of elements based on their properties. Basically, they are classified based on the similarities they possess in their properties. Some of the elements are grouped into triads, some are classified under octaves. Practise Periodic Classification Of Elements Class 10 MCQ for more information on this chapter. In the periodic table, you will see the elements are arranged based on their atomic masses in increasing order and also as per their chemical properties.

MCQs on Carbon Compounds and Classification of Elements

The above given details cover a brief of the concepts of carbon compounds and the periodic classification of elements. To understand these concepts in a better way, students are advised to practise the MCQs based on them. It will also help them to develop their problem-solving skills during exams and boost their confidence level in these Science fundamentals.

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