Do Moving Companies Disassemble and Reassemble Items?

Whether you’re just moving across town or the country, packing and moving are both stressful experiences. One of the trickiest aspects of moving is transporting your furnishings from one place to another. You may be wondering if professional Packers and movers Dubai assemble and disassemble furniture, or if you’ll have to do that yourself.

The majority of moving companies are happy to handle this for you. It’s important to keep in mind that the vast majority of the furniture in your house or apartment does not need to be disassembled. However, you may need to disassemble items like your bed frame or sofa before you can move them.

Is it necessary to disassemble furniture before moving it?

You can greatly reduce the likelihood of furniture damage during the moving process by disassembling your furniture beforehand. Damage to your valuable or sentimental furnishings is possible due to the tight corners, narrow hallways, and multiple door frames in your home. If you need to move the furniture, it’s easier to do so if you disassemble it first and carry it in sections.


Larger pieces of furniture like a bed, desk, cabinet, wall unit, or even exercise equipment may require assembly or disassembly before or after use. The Home Movers Dubai will have a much easier time of it if you disassemble your furniture before they come to load it. It’s also useful for minimizing load size on the truck.

Common household items that require disassembly include the following:


Bed frames are bulky and typically constructed from separate but interlocking parts. Moving these items up and down the stairs can be challenging. When the mattress and box spring are removed from the bed frame, the job is simplified considerably.


Except for the mirror, most dressers and vanities can be moved without breaking a sweat. In such cases, you should take special care to remove the mirror and store it in a separate box to prevent breakage.


Ordinarily, you won’t need to disassemble those massive dining tables to move them. To reduce the risk of injury, however, the legs should be removed if at all possible.


Shelving and cabinets can usually be relocated without any damage. Be sure to disassemble anything that needs to be done before you start.

Things you put together yourself

You may own some things that you’ve assembled by hand. Realize that the long-distance move will likely affect the joints and screws; make sure they are tight before the big day.


Consider the sofa’s dimensions as well as the width and height of the doors and hallways. By disassembling the sofa in advance, you can protect your investment from being ruined.

By taking apart large pieces of furniture before the move, you can use a smaller truck and save money. It may be the best choice if you’re concerned about the lack of storage area.


Disassembling furniture is also a good idea in several different contexts. Some items are difficult to transport unless they are disassembled into smaller pieces.

  1. You may need to disassemble the furniture in advance if it is too large to fit through the entranceways to your home or apartment. The length of the corridors is a major consideration in determining if disassembly is necessary.
  2. Furthermore, safety must always be taken into account. Always disassemble furniture before moving it if it is too heavy to lift or if the stairs are too narrow or steep to safely navigate.
  3. An additional consideration will be the item’s fragility. Glass panels and other fragile embellishments can make some pieces of furniture difficult to transport without breaking. It is recommended to disassemble furniture before relocation to lessen the possibility of damage during reconstruction.

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