Has News Become a New Form of Entertainment for People?

In the past few years, media outlets have been experimenting with different forms of entertainment. Among them, the newspapers have become an important form of news, and many have also begun producing their own television shows. Today, a majority of U.S. households get at least one newspaper daily, while the average person holds 1.9 subscriptions to various magazines. The question is, has news become a new form of entertainment for people?

It is no secret that the evening news has been under intense competition from tabloids. While the former aimed to appeal to people’s emotions, the latter focused on public affairs and found great success with their model. Today, however, tabloids have become an essential form of entertainment for many people. Although tabloids may have their share of audience, they still have many advantages over the evening news anxnr.

When questioned about their preferred method of news, Americans overwhelmingly prefer to consume it on screen. While TV remains the dominant screen, younger people are much less likely to watch it. Still, more than two-thirds of U.S. adults get their news from print newspapers, and a slight decline from 2013 was noted. Nevertheless, the differences between the two media remain very large. The news industry is clearly seeing a growth in mobile news consumption, but it is still a small percentage of the total.

The deteriorating separation between news and entertainment has led to a variety of new forms. While these changes are not all bad, they do raise questions about the future of journalism in an entertainment-dominated media. For example, the last episode of the tabloid A Current Affair ended with a tease of “sex, murder and videotape.” The show may be a precursor to what is to come for television news.

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