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How To Improve The Efficiency And Cleanliness Of Your Home

*Scrub The Grout

If you have tile flooring anywhere in your home, cleaning the grout is a great way to improve the aesthetics of the space. Not only is dirty grout a sign of an unsanitary home,  but it looks plain ugly and unkempt. A toothbrush, baking soda, and water can help scrub clean minimally dirty grout. However, for years of caked on dirt, calling professional cleaners is the way to go!

*HVAC System Maintenance

Make sure you have your HVAC system maintained once a year for optimum operation. Your system tends to accumulate dust, dirt, and grime, all of which can affect the performance of the unit. Make sure the cleaning is performed by professionals and all air filters are replaced on a regular basis. This ensures an improvement in your indoor air quality as well as reducing your energy costs.

Thoughtful Furniture

Beautifully upholstery and intricate details are stunning, however, they do make it harder to keep clean. When you are furnishing your home try to consider the upkeep of your items and how easy they will be to clean in the event of spillage or accidents. When buying furniture online be sure to take into account the good and the bad to gain a balanced view, like these West Elm customer complaints.

*Clean Windows

Window cleaning is usually seen as a springtime cleaning job, but windows get dirty year-round. That means it makes sense to clean your windows and make them shine even in the wintertime! Cool water and liquid dish soap are all that’s needed to make dirty windows come alive again. Employ the use of a non-abrasive sponge to wipe down the frame and the glass. For really dirty windows that need an extra bit of TLC, vinegar is a great way to cut through the grime buildup. Paper towels are hardly the best choice for wiping windows, therefore, a rubber-tipped squeegee or newspapers are a much better option.

*Home Energy Usage Audit

Start every new year by conducting an energy usage audit on your home. Hire a professional to perform the adequate assessment for you. Usually, an audit entails looking at all of the rooms in the house and the energy bills as well. The audit aims to identify air leaks in the home that can help you make the decision to better insulate certain areas. These areas usually include doors and windows as well as the duct system.

*Update Lighting

New lighting fixtures are a great way to improve the energy efficiency, lighting, and aesthetics of a home. The living spaces, bedrooms, hallways, and mudroom can all use new lighting to help highlight the better features of the property. Exterior lighting shouldn’t get overlooked either! Adding new lighting fixtures outside not only enhances the curb appeal, but also makes the home more safe and secure. Porch lights, driveway lighting, and even a lit entryway are great ways to enhance the outdoor architectural appeal of your home while also making it easier for visitors to find the entry in virtually no time at all.

Of course, lighting is also a fantastic focal point in any home. Opting for a unique or vintage chandelier or pendant lighting will make the space feel more intimate while enhancing the interior. Make sure to choose energy efficient bulbs!

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