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Identiq Launches Anonymous Identity Verification Network

Identiq is a peer-to-peer identity verification network that leverages cryptographic protocols to improve user experience and increase approval rates. The company plans to expand its network and introduce more features as it works to establish itself as the largest identity validation network in the world

Identiq’s technology allows companies to use big data without compromising security. The company claims that it is the first solution to address the rising concerns around data privacy. The technology provides a more secure alternative to the traditional data model, which leaves consumers vulnerable.

The company has raised $52 million in funding so far, including funding from Amdocs, Insight Partners, and Entree Capital. Its founding team includes high-tech veterans and risk management experts. This group plans to add members to the network, which will help improve validation, quality, and coverage.

Identiq recently closed a $5 million seed round from Slow Ventures, RegTech, and Entree Capital. The company plans to use the funds to add more members and expand its network .

Identiq uses a technology called Fully Anonymous Identity Resolution to validate new users without sharing data. The company has developed a protocol that is secure, affordable, and easy to implement. It offers companies a cost-effective alternative to the traditional data model, which is often inefficient and ineffective.

Identiq’s technology can be used for password recovery flows, funding source verification, high-risk activity validation, and other forms of identity verification. It uses cryptographic protocols to ensure privacy and consumer privacy. The company also offers password reset protection.

Identiq’s identity-validation solution allows companies to vouch for trusted users without sharing customer data. The solution also connects multiple assets, such as social networks, to provide a more reliable identity validation process

Identiq’s network also helps companies combat fraud. The company claims that it is the first anonymous peer-to-peer verification network in the world. It never leaves the domain of its members. The company also offers password reset protection and funding-source ownership verification.

Identiq is a privacy-centric fraud prevention startup that has experienced data theft and other privacy issues. It has been targeted by fraudsters posing as real users.

Identiq is building the world’s largest Identity Validation Network

Identiq, a privacy-centric fraud prevention startup, recently launched an anonymous identity verification network that allows companies to validate the identities of new users without having to hand over sensitive personal information. The company claims that its solution is the best way to validate identities without compromising .

Identiq recently hosted a virtual summit to discuss identity validation and security. The gist is that the company’s technology uses proprietary cryptographic protocols to ensure that information is secure. It claims to be the first company to implement FAIR, or full-account identity-related, technology to address growing sensitivities around data privacy.

The company recently completed a $47 million Series A round, which included Insight Partners, Entree Capital, and Amdocs. Identiq plans to expand its team to 80 employees by year’s end. Insight Partners’ Jeff Horing will join the company’s board of directors.

Identiq has also launched an anonymous identity verification network that allows companies of all sizes to validate identities without sharing sensitive information. The company claims that its solution is not only the best way to validate identities, but also the best way to prevent fraud and identity theft.


The company has also created an API that helps financial institutions integrate their Customer Identification Program rules, as well as a dashboard that helps them reduce the number of false positives during the KYC process

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