Idling Your Car in a Parking Structure

Idling your car in a parking structure can be dangerous to the health of the people around it. It releases a dangerous gas called carbon monoxide, which is highly toxic to the human body. The EPA is getting more strict with vehicle emissions as carbon monoxide is a greenhouse gas that causes health issues. Some states have banned idling in parking structures, while others are stricter. Idling your car can also be bad for your fuel economy, which can make your vehicle run less efficiently.

Idling your car can also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. It can cause symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and even death if a person breathes too much of it. Carbon monoxide can even enter your vehicle through windows if your exhaust is blocked. Idling your car is dangerous but there are some benefits. Here are some reasons why idling your car is harmful.

Idling your car is illegal in many states, including Michigan. It is against the law to idle a car on public property. In Michigan, idling your car is illegal on public property, which includes parking lots. Idling your car is not only dangerous to the environment but also to your car, so be sure to obey the law. Using a remote starter is a good substitute for idling.

Idling your car in a parking structure is also dangerous for your car’s engine. Not only does it waste gas, but it can damage its engine. It’s also a great opportunity for thieves. Some above-ground parking structures are entirely open to the air, and you shouldn’t leave it running for hours at a time. It can also result in tickets.

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