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Shah Rukh Khan’s Son Arrested in Drug Case

Bollywood star Sharukh Khan’s son has been arrested in connection with a drug raid. The actor has not been given any special treatment in jail, but he was allowed to meet with his son as per the prison’s rules. The arrest has raised eyebrows all over the country. The arrest of the actor’s son is not the first time that a Bollywood star has been involved in drug cases.

Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) officials have detained Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan. Aryan Khan, the eldest son of the Bollywood superstar, was detained along with 19 other people during a drug raid on a cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai. A court in Mumbai granted bail to Aryan Khan after a three-day hearing, and he was released on Saturday after spending two more nights in the Arthur Road jail.

As the arrest took place in a courtroom, the actors’ lawyers were waiting for a ruling on the actor’s release. The lawyers for Shah Rukh Khan argued in the High Court that his client should be freed on bail. Although the actor’s son was arrested on October 30, it was not the first time that he was involved in a drug case. Mukul Rohatgi, who had represented Aryan Khan in the High Court, fought for his son’s release for three days.

In the case of Aryan Khan, the NCB claimed that the actor was a drug addict and supplied contraband to his mother. The case went through many twists and turns, with one witness claiming he was forced to sign blank papers. The officer in charge of the investigation was dismissed after allegations of blackmail. But the arrest has brought a lot of support from the Bollywood A-list and fans.

According to the arrest memo released by the NCB, drugs worth Rs 1.33 lakh were seized from Aryan Khan and eight other people. The arrest memo states that the drugs were seized from the cruise ship while the actor was on a trip from Mumbai to Goa. Several passengers were arrested for consuming drugs. However, the arrest memo also lists that Rs 1.33 lakh in cash was also seized during the raid.

This case is part of a bigger scheme by the Indian government to punish prominent Muslim families by suppressing their expression. The government’s attempt to suppress their culture is clearly aimed at establishing Hindu supremacy and restricting the expression of cultural values. The arrest of Aryan Khan has highlighted this growing pattern. However, this ‘disrespect of religion’ case is far from being the only example of this sort of abuse in the country.

As of today, the NDPS court in Mumbai has rejected the application of Aryan Khan for bail. However, the court has extended the judicial custody of Aryan until October 30. In the meantime, Aryan Khan’s lawyers have appealed the decision to the Bombay High Court. The appeal will be heard on October 26. The case is ongoing and if the NCB does not get bail, he can return to jail.

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