The Important Details You need to Know before Purchasing Solar Water Heaters

If you are looking to purchase something, it saves you alot of frustration and possible extortion by selling agents if you have the necessary information on what you are looking to buy. The same applies to solar water heaters; with a massive variety of brands and types out in the market, you need to do your homework before going shopping; we have you covered.

Simply put, a solar water heating system works by converting light absorbed by a collector placed on the roof into heat. The system can produce hot water throughout the year through other processes. It is one of the fascinating ways solar energy has been able to ease the frustration of unreliable power supply and rising electricity bills.

If you are thinking of purchasing one, you definitely should. Compiled below is all there is to know;

1. Intended Purpose

A crucial factor to consider is the intended use of the solar water heating system, such as in apartment buildings or office buildings with a large consumer base. In such cases, it is important to choose a highly capable solar water heater that can effectively serve the intended purpose. A system designed for household use, on the other hand, may be less effective and may not be able to perform adequately for such high-demand scenarios. For example, imagine relying on a less effective system in an apartment building or office building with multiple units or employees. In such cases, it is possible to start receiving cold water after a short period, which can be inconvenient and frustrating for the users. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in a highly capable solar water heating system to ensure the continuous and reliable supply of hot water for a large consumer base. For more information on solar water heater options, you can refer to websites like

2. The Cost

If we compare it with electric water heaters, solar heating systems are more expensive because they require a higher initial cost. Even so, it is a worthy investment if you reside in a permanent residence or if the system is intended for long-term use. Different types of solar water heaters exist in the market per your interest and significantly influence the cost.

3. Climatic Condition of the Area

While solar water heaters are incredibly convenient, they can be pretty unreliable when the weather is not conducive. Depending on the efficiency, a solar water heater can serve you at most on two cloudy days, and then you start receiving cold water. Your location should allow for adequate sunshine for most hours during the day. If not, a viable solution for areas with limited sunshine supply is the hybrid solar water heater.

4. The Water Source

The water source does influence the choice of the solar heating system you can install. Due to the difference in mineral capacities between hard and soft water, the heating systems used are different, that is, direct and indirect systems. Experts recommend using the indirect approach for hard water; where this is not applied, it may lead to corrosion and blockages of the collector tubes and consequently tampering with the functionality.

5. Warranty and Certification

It is essential to consider the warranty of the solar water heating system you are purchasing to ensure it is durable for the long term. Ensure your product is also certified in compliance with national or regional standards.


It is crucial to note that maintenance is equally important; for the solar heater to give you its best service, periodic maintenance is essential. Especially if you are dealing with hard water, you might want to learn how to avoid corrosion and scaling.

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