Tips for a good Jewelry Videography

This a way for brands and designers to share their jewelry designs with potential customers. Jewelry videography is where a video of jewelry will be filmed, as opposed to an image. The video will either show the jewelry being worn, or someone working in the company who creates these pieces at the manufacturing plant. Jewelry videography can be used to market all types of pieces, from watches to necklaces. This technique is often used by brands that sell exclusive or high-end items because it makes them stand out among competing products on store shelves and online stores.

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Tips for a good Jewelry Videography

1. Create a simple video.

The video does not need to be full of artsy clips. It should keep it simple and easy to understand. The audience only needs to see the jewelry itself and have a brief description of what the brand is, what they do, where they are located and so on.

2. Select models that appeal to the audience you are aiming at.

As always, people will want to see something they like and can relate to in order for them to make a purchase. If your jewelry is aimed at older customers, then a model who is older is likely ideal for your audience. If you target high school students then a young person with some style would do great as well. Someone who is able to show off a piece of jewelry or what it can do will be an added bonus for your company.

3. Show how the jewelry features work and how they look on the model or a person.

Something that will really sell a product is seeing someone using it and showing that it’s not just an ordinary piece of jewelry, but something that can be worn in everyday life without looking out of place. This can also help you give your audience a variety of looks they can use the same necklace with various different outfits.

4. Mention the brand and what your brand stands for.

This will help the audience to make a purchase decision based on this video alone, rather than how a few pieces of jewelry look individually. Having a video that just shows people wearing jewelry can be boring to watch and not very engaging or easy on the eye. Talking about your company, what their goal is, how you make them and so forth is going to give your audience something they are interested in watching, admire and want to buy from you.

5. Keep it short.

The idea of the video is to get the audience’s attention with something they want and show them exactly why they should buy from you. If you are promoting a jewelry piece that can be used for a few different looks or outfit combinations, then you will have to include as many of them as possible in the video.


Jewelry videography, like any other form of marketing, is all about getting the attention of your audience while they are shopping. While they may not be able to make a purchase right there and then, they can often take that information with them as they go through their day and decide if they want to purchase or not.

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