Top 4 Skills of a Social Media Manager

Social media has been in large use for the past decade. Several social media platforms have proved to no longer be for connecting people but for promoting businesses. Be a SaaS company, a clothing store, or a marketing service provider, social media plays a critical role in building brand awareness and increasing sales. Business profiles and accounts on social media platforms need social media marketers or managers to have well-designed strategies. 

Social media management, in combination with your CRM software, bridges the gap between your sales and marketing departments to create an optimal experience that will benefit your whole business.

This article will briefly discuss the top four skills that social media manager or marketer needs to complete their duties properly. 

Soft Skills

As for any specialization, soft skills are important for social media marketers. Below two soft skills necessary for social media managers are presented. 

Attention to detail

Although social media managers do not deal with money directly, being attentive to detail is an essential soft skill. To break down the idea, social media managers must closely examine the statistics and thoroughly analyze them. Social media managers also define the budget for social media ads; in this sense, attentiveness is crucial. 

For meaningful use of resources, using coworking space software is essential. With it, social media managers working on promoting the same business will be fully aware of each other. This will provide additional value and help them to be more attentive and careful when implementing the strategies. 

“Always a learner” mindset

Another soft skill desired to have in social media managers is the mindset of always being a learner. Social media platforms and algorithms may change randomly, and social media managers should never take their knowledge for granted. If they do not keep up with the recent trends or updates, they may harm the effectiveness of their work. 

Therefore, it is crucial to hire social media managers that neither underestimate nor overestimate their skills and knowledge of social media management. 

Hard Skills

Apart from soft skills, social media managers should have hard skills. Among many of those, this article discusses the importance of copywriting skills and knowledge of Ads Manager. 

Copywriting skills

Some may argue against it, but social media managers need copywriting skills for small businesses. In larger companies, some copywriters provide social media post captions and ad copies. But, to be more competitive in the market, having advanced copywriting skills is no harm. 

Copywriting is a powerful means of acquiring new customers. It can also help the business to retain customers through social media ads. Overall, writing short, precise, and effective ad copies will help social media managers to stand out from the rest of the specialists in the market. 

Ads Manager knowledge

Deep knowledge of Ads Manager is also important for social media managers, including business promotion through Facebook and Instagram. It is the primary way to place ads on Facebook and Instagram. Social media managers should know how to place targeted ads on the Facebook marketplace, videos, stories, etc. 

More importantly, they need to know how to avoid getting banned or at least know how long Facebook Jail lasts and how to get out of it soon. This knowledge is too critical for social media managers as placing ads is one of the essential duties of social media managers. 


Social media managers should be attentive to detail and have an “always a learner” mindset. These are some soft skills needed to be an excellent social media manager. Besides that, social media managers should know how to use Ads manager and place ads on Facebook and Instagram. Knowing how to write highly converting texts and ad copies is an outstanding skill. 

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