Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is several weeks away, but we’re coming all out already, which implies preparation begins soon. The list has outfits inspired by a few of our iconic people along with some of the crowning achievements of the last year, so there’s certain to be one for you.

There are many wonderful ideas available for you to explore, whether you’re commemorating the spookiest night of the year with a makeup-inspired character or utilising a wig to morph into your favourite pop culture hero.

And although while dressing up as a black cat or a princess while donning a tiara is quite acceptable, there are instances when you still want to stand out from the crowd at your party.

Fear not, there’s still enough time for you to create a brilliant, distinctive outfit that will make you unique and perhaps even bring home some prizes. For costumes, you can always go to Fancy That.

1.  Kate Sharma in Bridgerton

This Halloween, let Kate Sharma inspire you to play out your wildest Bridgerton dreams. Outfits in cerulean, periwinkle, and peach are available. Then, enlist the help of a friend (you know, the one who is extremely brilliant in hairstyle) to create a royally certified updo. More Bridgerton dress options may be found at Fancy That.

2.  Vecna From Stranger Things

Calling all special effects fans: here is your opportunity to show off your skills by imitating the supervillain of the year. Several beauty aficionados and Stranger Things readers know how many work went into villain Vecna’s SFX prosthetics by now.  So, you may not have the time for a full reproduction, but you may have fun putting the persona your own touch.

Get a wig hat from Fancy That, some SFX paint, and start working on the fake blood and veins. If you wish to go the cliché way with your outfit, grab yourself an iced Starbucks coffee.

3.  Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil is the place to be this Halloween for real beauty fans looking to put their unique stamp on a character. You might turn into the villain you’ve always longed to be by taking cues from Emma Stone’s persona and her various styles.

The first thing you need do is purchase a wig with the colours black and white since no Cruella costume would be complete without it. Next, choose a traditional genuine red lipstick for Stone’s role. Finally, add a faux fur coat that you can find at Fancy That.

Jessica Rabbit

Dress up as sensual legend Jessica Rabbit, a look mastered by Heidi Klum at one of her well-known Halloween parties. The two essential components of this costume are a pair of latex purple gloves and a bright red dress with a risqué slit.

To finish the outfit, choose a red wig from Fancy That and your favourite purple eye makeup palette. Here’s a sweet Jessica Rabbit makeup tutorial to help you nail the cartoon smokey eye.

A Star Is Born Couples

Due to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s latest film, a celebrity is born and a costume is created. Choose Jackson Maine and Ally’s basic appearance for the best Halloween lovers costume on a budget, no Gucci necessary.

Pro tip for you – Carry an acoustic guitar and a set of mics on your back so you can sing karaoke from the movie at any time.

Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

Consider dressing as Princess Ann from Roman Holiday for Halloween instead of the ubiquitous Holly Golightly while everyone else is going door-to-door.

You may imitate Audrey Hepburn’s elegant and classy look by wearing a white button-down shirt, a colourful high-waisted skirt, a patterned ascot, and nude shoes. You may look for Audrey Hepburn dress inspirations at Fancy That.

Magical Unicorn

Putting on a magnificent unicorn costume is never too late. Unicorns, whether mythical or not, may undoubtedly appreciate of any outfit adorned with a plethora of sparkles, colours, and blossoms.

Wear bright-blue contacts with a white wig and look as Alessandra Ambrosio, or use this cosmetics method to create your stunning Halloween costume.

Black Cat

Everyone’s unofficial backup costume because it’s flawles. You can’t screw up a cat, but you can add some flair with professionally placed cat-eyes. Draw a dot on the tip of your nose and whiskers on your cheeks with a black waterproof eyeliner pencil.

For a cat-eye appearance, draw a thin strip of liquid eyeliner down your top lash line, stretching the colour out slightly at the corners. You’re ready to go with a baby pink lip tint!

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