What Is the Min Order Quantity at FondMart For Wholesale Vendors?

When it comes to wholesale women clothing vendors, the question of what is the minimum order quantity at FondMart can be intimidating for a new e-commerce seller. You might want to look at other factors as well, such as the quality of the products and the growth rate of the company’s partners, but these are just a few of the main considerations. These factors can help you find the perfect wholesale partner to sell your products to.

No minimum order quantity

If you want to sell apparel online, there is no better place than FondMart. As one of the leading apparel B2B marketplaces, FondMart has a vast database of over 200,000 products from 5,000+ trusted suppliers. Its exclusive merchandise team is able to recommend suppliers based on your criteria. The best part? No minimum order quantity! You can buy as much or as little as you need, and never have to worry about meeting a minimum order quantity.

No minimum order quantity at FondMart: This dropshipping platform has no minimum order quantity. There is no membership fee, and you can choose from over 200,000 items. You only need to pay for the product you want and the shipping cost. No other dropshipping site offers you that much variety and value for your money. Plus, you can get advice from highly-trained merchandise specialists. No matter how small your business is, FondMart can ship to many different locations and fulfill your orders.

Quality of products

The quality of products at FondMart is guaranteed, thanks to its unique business model. Its founder personally inspects every transaction to ensure that its buyers are getting the highest quality product. In addition, the company offers a quality-assured policy, which gives them the incentive to look into suppliers’ products and markets personally. The result is a better selection of products for a lower price. What’s more, the company offers drop shipping and NO MOQ options, which is great for businesses.

The product selection at Fondmart is huge, with over 200,000 items available. The website also offers drop shipping and private label services, as well as support for over 50,000 suppliers. One drawback of the site is its shipping cost and time-frame. Some merchants have complained of damaged orders, but the website has resolved these issues in recent years. It also allows for branding on invoices and packages. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you should probably avoid FondMart unless you’re a savvy online retail entrepreneur.

Growth rate of partners

More than seventy percent of brands and retailers have expanded their business with the help of FondMart, and 35% will see more than double their sales by 2021. One brand has increased sales by more than threefold in four years and increased staff from three to fourteen. It has increased its product range from five hundred to 2,000 items. Moreover, the company has maintained a monthly growth rate of 10%. In addition to its sales-improving service, FondMart also offers after-deal service.

The company offers high-quality exchange apparel for a low MOQ. Through a partnership, you can sell high-quality exchange apparel and enjoy big profits. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of popular brands and models. The company partners with international carriers to deliver products to 195 countries within seven to fifteen days. Moreover, FondMart offers exchange apparel at affordable rates, which reduces investment costs.


With the integration at FondMart, you can seamlessly import products and synchronize inventory to your online store. The auto-sync service will update your inventory levels and shipping costs, saving you time and money. The Auto-Sync feature also ensures that your products will always be available for purchase, making it easy to track inventory levels and shipping costs. The FondMart team will provide support and assistance for your store around the clock.

Another feature of FondMart’s integration is its Auto-Sync service, which automatically syncs inventory, order fulfillment, shipping information, and availability. With this integration, your product catalog is easily imported from a third-party website. Once imported, all you need to do is configure your store to use the FondMart platform to sell products. Once the Auto-Sync service is installed, you can begin selling from your online store within minutes.

Cost of selling on FondMart

Most brands grow with FondMart. In fact, it is estimated that over three-quarters will double their sales by 2021. One of our largest customers, for example, grew from $50,000 per month to $330,000 per month in just four years. That means that in that time, their staff has doubled and their product line has grown from 500 to 2,000 items. Even better, that brand has maintained a 10% growth rate each month.


As a result, the cost of selling on FondMart is low compared to other online marketplaces. They offer one-stop shopping for manufacturers, retailers, and drop shippers. Its staff includes IT and product outfits and experts in the bestiary industry. Using this platform, customers can increase their sales from $50,000 to $330,000 a month, or even 10%. In addition, there are many benefits to selling on FondMart.

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