Where Can I Get the Latest Technology News?

TechCrunch is a reputable source of daily business tech news, covering startup and venture capital news. You’ll find stories on artificial intelligence, video games, mobile apps, and more. You can also find the financial data for numerous technology companies in the Crunchbase database. This site also hosts conferences around the world, such as Disrupt, where tech leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs come together to share ideas and learn about the latest developments.

Forbes is an internationally respected business media organization that covers everything from business to entertainment. They have a thriving technology section that covers everything from big companies to Silicon Valley startups. Business Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep tech and media verticals. Henry Blodget, the former top Wall Street analyst, writes for the site. Forbes is also a good source for daily tech news.

TechHive covers the latest in smart home technologies. This includes lighting controls, home entertainment, security, and smart appliances. TechHive also features in-depth reviews and a Buyer’s Guide section that organizes products by types. It’s an excellent place to learn about new products, but also get tips for buying them. Gigaom also covers the latest developments in fintech and commerce, and Gigaom offers news about angel investments.

Pocket-lint has a great selection of reviews about the latest gadgets and technology. This site covers everything from digital cameras to home cinema and audio. You can also check out their podcasts. Another popular technology news website is PCMag. This website tests tech products, and provides reviews, price comparisons, and useful shopping advice. It is an essential source of tech news, and many news sites include it in their lists.

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