Why Do Leading Retailers Swear by Custom Point of Purchase Displays

Most retailers find it hard to persuade customers to pick up stuff from the shelves. Sometimes all customers need is a bit of encouragement to swing into action because it can be difficult to spot good deals or new launches in a crammed retail space. In such a situation, attractive and high visibility point of purchase displays can make a lot of difference in increasing brand and product awareness and driving revenues. According to Forbes, the purpose of point-of-purchase (POP) marketing is to attract customers, entice impulse buys, and create a favorable brand image of the products or the store. Some of the most compelling reasons for retailers to use custom point-of-purchase displays:

Attention Grabbing

A well-managed point-of-purchase display allows the brand to stand out among its competitors, raise brand awareness, and encourage customers to look closer at the products. When placed outside the store, the displays can encourage customers to enter your store, and when placed in the aisles inside the store, customers are more likely to give the products a closer look and pick it up for purchase. You can use the display to highlight brand benefits and features besides discounts and offers to encourage conversions.

In many cases, you can use POP displays to supplement the product packaging by highlighting the brand and providing details on the product USPs, additional product information, or even special offers that make the product purchase more appealing to customers.

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Highly Customizable

The things you can express with point-of-purchase displays, like banners flags signs are limited only by your imagination. You can experiment with shapes, sizes, materials, colors, lighting, movement, and 3-D effects to cut through the clutter and catch the customers’ eyes. Advanced technology also makes it possible for you to set up an interactive touch-screen kiosk to engage customers with an interactive brand experience that adds significantly to the in-store customer shopping experience.


Retailers can also use POP displays to make announcements or convey information to customers about a variety of things regarding the store and brands, including sales promotions, offers, discounts, customer loyalty programs, etc. The displays are ideal for promoting new products or increasing the awareness of special campaigns on social media.

Drive Sales

One of the most compelling reasons for retailers to use point-of-purchase displays is driving sales. They can boost the number of store visits and the conversion rate by strategically displaying attractive and engaging displays. It is well established that customers tend to notice the well-designed POP displays, which have a positive effect on first-time purchases, and impulse product pickups. The displays also help to create fresh excitement for the products already familiar to customers.


In addition to the above benefits, retailers love point-of-purchase displays because of their cost-effectiveness. Unlike marketing campaigns on conventional mass media, POP displays are specifically targeted to customers with the highest buying potential and are affordable even for the smallest retail operation. The displays also relieve the stores from the need to take on additional salespersons to engage customers on the floor and promote products. The salespeople can then focus on other important issues like stock replenishment and merchandising.

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