Why is a Premarital Health Check Up Important?

If you are a couple planning to tie the knot, a premarital health check up is an excellent idea. It will give you peace of mind knowing that you are in good health, and that you will not pass on any diseases or genetic problems to your partner. It’s also an excellent idea for couples who are planning to have sex without contraception. And it can be repeated whenever necessary.

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Knowing whether your partner has any sexually transmitted disease is a good idea before getting married. If you are infected with HIV, for instance, it can be devastating for your relationship. HIV can be transmitted to a partner or even to a child. By knowing what your partner may have before marriage, you can protect yourself and seek medical treatment before things get out of control. Pre-marital screening can also help you and your partner to better understand each other’s health, and make it easier to address any issues before you marry.

Besides detecting inherited diseases, a pre-marital health check up can also detect birth defects and chromosome abnormalities in your partner. It is important to have your partner tested before you tie the knot because a problem during the engagement period can lead to serious health complications, such as birth defects. Furthermore, your doctor can also help you prepare for a future pregnancy by monitoring your fertility and detecting any underlying health problems.

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