Why It’s Bad to Leave Your Car Running While Refuelling

Leaving your car running while refueling is never a good idea. Most gas stations ask you to turn the engine off before you refuel. But in the past, there were no automatic shutoff features to prevent a spill. Even though gas spills are rare now, the vapors from fuel are still explosive. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why leaving your car running while refueling is not a good idea.

Running a car while refueling increases the risk of fire. Gas fumes can contact power and warmth, causing a fire. In addition, you increase the risk of flooding the gas tank. This can lead to an explosion or fire. Moreover, you could accidentally damage your vehicle by leaving it unattended. Leaving it running while refueling is not only risky but can also damage its engine.

Aside from causing a fire, leaving your car running while refuelling poses a significant risk of theft. It does not look cool either. But in some countries, it’s normal to leave the car running, even with the air-conditioning turned on full. While the chances of fire are slim, if a car runs into a petrol station fire, a car won’t be safe at all.

Another reason to not leave a car running while refuelling is the risk of friction electricity. Gas vapors are very flammable, and even the smallest spark can start a fire. In such cases, gasoline vapors should be cooled before fueling. This can also prevent static electricity and cause a glimmering fire. If you leave your car running while refueling, you’re risking the same fate.

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