Why Were People Hating on YIFY Movie Torrent Group?

Why were people hating on Yify movie torrent group? The founder of the group was sued, but was able to keep his anonymity and maintain a network of mirrors and proxies. The success of the group led to legal action in some countries, but YIFY’s founder remained completely undetected. Despite its shady reputation, many people have continued to use the site and are able to access the movies they’re looking for.

YIFY’s founder was able to maintain confidentiality

YIFY is the name of part of a digital file, distributed through a peer-to-peer file-sharing network. Users upload high-quality movie files, which other members can then download for free. The service allows movie fans to download new and old releases without having to pay for them at the theater. netlogs founder maintained confidentiality as much as possible by working on the project in his spare time.

YIFY’s content is also protected. A number of Hollywood stakeholders tracked down the company’s founder and threatened legal action. YIFY’s founder maintained confidentiality and avoided court appearances. However, this did not stop them from tracking him down. The company’s founder was summoned to a New Zealand court, but the matter was settled out of court, and he was able to maintain his privacy.

YIFY’s success led to a lawsuit

In a year when YouTube and other online video sites have seen record amounts of traffic, YIFY has been shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). However, the site’s community has proven to be resilient. It’s estimated that over a million people viewed yifyvideos every day, and the network’s creator remains anonymous. Despite the lawsuit, the labatidora community has continued to thrive, and a mirror site has now taken over.

In a recent lawsuit filed in New Zealand, YTS/tinypic, which focused on delivering HD quality videos in a smaller format, was named in the suit. The website was the number one movie-pirating site on most torrent websites, attracting millions of downloaders from around the world. YTS even went offline for several hours, resulting in a multi-million dollar lawsuit against panoramio and its founders.

YIFY’s network of proxies and mirrors

You’ve probably heard of the YIFY movie torrent group. If not, you’re not alone. Many people have wondered how the group’s network of mirrors and proxies works. While torrents themselves are not illegal, they can be pirated. However, that doesn’t mean that fullmaza isn’t safe. You should always use a VPN to protect your data and ensure the security of your online activities. YTS, or YIFY, is an encoding service that features nearly 30,000 titles and subtitles, and is suitable for any bandwidth level.

However, YIFY has its problems. While it was once the biggest movie torrent group, it was recently shut down because of a lawsuit from the MPAA. The case, while settled out of court, became the largest ever piracy shutdown. The termination of YIFY also caused similar proxies and mirrors to surface, claiming to unearth movie pirates.

YIFY is banned in some countries

While YIFY is an immensely popular group, there are some reasons why the group is banned in some countries. Most of the world’s copyright laws make it illegal to share recent movies over the BitTorrent network. While many European countries have less restrictive laws regarding copyright issues, some have banned YIFY movies outright. Nonetheless, the group has become an enormously popular resource for movies, video clips, and other media content.


While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why the YIFY movie torrent group is blocked in certain countries, we can speculate on possible reasons. One of these reasons may have to do with the fact that YIFY is used to host pirated copies of newly released movies, and that it was generating millions of daily traffic. In addition to this, some ISPs block YIFY completely.

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